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Your kid has made confetti out of your product instructions?

You lost the user guide for your product? BSR owner’s manual, BSR user manual, often called instructions, handbook, or instructions booklet, are the easiest way to solve your problems. The product user manual is available in english, with no subscription, or any security code. Somemanuals helps you keep your BSR instructions guide in order to go back to it whenever you have a problem. You can view your free BSR manual, and its technical specifications, by choosing your model among the folllowing brands.

You have not found the solution to your problem in the BSR instructions?

The user guide informs you about the use of your product, it gives you solutions to maintenance and operating problems, and gives you first level help for your product. You can find the solution to your problem thanks to the owner’s manual. Today, following numerous requests, we have put online your product manual in english. You can contribute to save Mother Earth by allowing thousands of trees to survive, since you will not print BSR user guides anymore, but will come and get them on Somemanuals instead.




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